Lockies Toy Club was opened November 2018

Lockies Toy Club is a toy library. A Toy Library works in a very similar manner to a book library, however it works on a membership format. Families and carers of Children can become a member of their local Toy Library. Members have access to hire a range of toys to assist with their children's development and learning through play. 

 Items available for hire include:

·         Puzzles & Games

·         Imaginative Toys

·         Baby & Toddler Toys

·         Learning Toys

·         Sensory Toys

·         Construction Toys

·         Active Play Toys

Why join our Toy Library ?

Save money by borrowing toys instead of purchasing them, avoiding the risk of your child not liking the purchased toy.

Access toys in align with their child's skills and developmental stage.

Opportunity to rotate toys providing more choice and engagement in play.

Low cost annual membership

Choice of various membership levels to suit your needs and budget

Low cost toy hire fees

Environmentally friendly by reducing toy waste

Community participation & engagement

Members can join Lockies Toy Club from as low as $40 a year providing access to hundreds of quality toys to suit ages from 6mth > 12 years.

Lockies Toy Club offers three levels of membership:

Annual Membership options:

                                                                                                Entitles member to:

Level 1 membership                             $40           2 small/medium hires p/mth

Level 2 membership                             $60           3 small/medium hires p/mth

Level 3 membership                            $80           4 small/medium hires p/mth

Casual user monthly membership    $5             Standard hire fees apply

Toy Hire fees:

Small                     $  3         Medium               $  5         Large                     $10

Hire period:                                       Toys hired on a monthly basis.

Membership Hire limits:

Level 1                                                  Maximum 4 toys at any time

Level 2                                                  Maximum 6 toys at any time

Level 3                                                  Maximum 8 toys at any time                      


  • Membership Terms & Conditions apply.

Opening hours:       Thursdays   exc. Public Holidays      9.30 am - 12.00 pm
                                @ Lockyer Community Centre 
                                     14 Crescent St. Gatton

Enquiries please phone;  5462 3355  OR Email us @  lincgatton@bigpond.com

To apply for Lockies Toy Club membership please click here complete document and email to us @ lincgatton@bigpond.com