This space is to share news about some of our activities, project, 
program outcomes and success stories.

In May / June 2018 Lockyer Community Centre ran a 6 day music workshop.
Aim of the workshop was to connect with disengaged youth in our community using music as a pathway.
Participants were selected both internally and externally based on their individual needs and circumstances.
The project successfully achieved the main goal and outcome which was for the participants to work collaboratively and develop and record an original piece of music.
They all done an amazing job and thanks also go the the workshop facilitator Steve Robin.

Copy and paste this link to check out the end result:


Back to School Project

 December 2017 - January 2018

Aim of this project was to invite and encourage community members to purchase 1-2 stationery / school items, which they donate into the Community School Box, for distribution to local families struggling with their families back to school expenses and requirements. 
This box was placed in local NewsXpress newsagency retail outlet Gatton, providing a central location for ease of access.

The project was the initiative of  NewsXpress Gatton, becoming a collaborative effort between Lockyer Community Centre, Shoe collections and Agricultural Requirements.

At completion of the donation period Lockyer Community Centre collected all items, began sorting and packaging up ready for distribution to local families.

A successful outcome was achieved by providing 25 local families with practical support, assisting from one child families up to a family with six children.

Check out our Gallery page for some photos from this project.