Support Group Session


We offer general support, advocacy, information, referral service and deliver a range of responsive community focused activities, projects, programs and event.


We are able to provide information and referrals on a range of issues and services.

Arrange meetings with relevant agencies if required.

We offer JP service by appointment.

All enquiries / services are treated with confidentiality

In addition, we have many visiting services that change from time to time.

These services may include employment, community and personal advice, migrant assistance services and tax help.

Visiting Services

Appointments are necessary to consult with visiting Service Providers. Lockyer Community Centre is unable to act on behalf of a visiting service and unable to make appointments for clients. 

Currently the following services are available;
- Queensland Program Of Assistance To Survivors Of Torture and Trauma (QPASTT)
- Tax Help – Available between 1st July and
31st October each year.
- Multicultural Development Association Inc

- Lives Lived Well/ New Access

- Mylestones Employment

Each Drug & Alcohol

-Drug Arm

Other services may be available. If the service
you require is not listed please contact us.


Emergency Relief

This program is aimed at helping people in financial crisis by providing financial or material aid, and connects them with services to build financial resilience and capacity.


Our Emergency Relief program is available upon appoi ntment.The program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

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Drought Assistance

Any one living off the land to support their families,  won't tell you first hand how deep the drought has affected them, but it's becoming blatantly obvious as the drought continues. 

Not only has it taken its toll financially, but many are suffering physically and mentally. These are all leaving scars that are hard to heal. If you are seeking Drought Assistance reach out to us today.

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Computer Learning

Digital Hub

Held every Thursday, these 45 minute sessions
are aimed at helping you to gain insight and understanding when it comes to dealing with modern technology in a digital age.


We encourage you to bring your own devices
to the session in order for us to better demonstrate and explain how to use them.

Bookings are essential so please contact the centre to make an appointment.

Proudly funded by Australian Neighbourhood Houses & Centres Association.